Staff Update ~ Week 31

I hope this post finds you rested and having enjoying much needed time away from school with family and friends.  I hope your spirits are feeling recharged and ready to attack the final 10 weeks of the year.

Quote to Ponder: Kate Gerson recently described Shift 4 of the CCLS as “The number one thing you are going to be able to see and feel day to day and that your students will notice, is that we are now having textual conversations, evidence based conversations about what is on the page in front of us.” It is worth considering how we are progressing in our pedagogy in regards to this shift (click here to view the video).

Need to Know:

  • Grades Due Monday at 10am: Grades must be submitted by 10 on the day we come back from break.
  • Respect Discussion in 2nd & 3rd Block: We have had an increase in disrespectful behavior in the cafeteria in the past few weeks.  With that in mind please take the time to have a discussion with students in the last 3-4 minutes of 2nd block and prior to lunch in 3rd block. The direction for this discussion are in your mailbox. Click here for the script of the expectations and procedure changes to review with your students.
  • Tuesday Meeting is in the Cafe: Amy McCabe will review some APPR topics and the PD Committee will lead us through an activity about further understanding the types of evidence that fit under each standard.
  • NYSED Roster Pin Verification: You should have done this by now.  If not, complete it ASAP.
  • Research Summary: I have frequently referenced Mike Schmoker’s book “Focus“, which summarizes a wide range of research on effective pedagogy in four simple steps. Click here for an infographic that summarizes his framework. This aligns seamlessly with the new APPR.

Nice to Know:

  • Music Department Celebrated: Athena student musicians were honored on Channel 13 as “Bright Spot” for accoplishments at the NYC Festival.
  • Cornell Notes Revisited: Looking for a researched based strategy that will increase retention, student accountability for learning, and systematically align your pedagogy with 21st Century Learning Skills?  Consider revisiting the Cornell Notes strategy. Click here to view the post and infographic.
  • Independent Course Proposals: Due by June 3rd, no later.

That is all for this week.  Keep up the great work! We are making a difference.  The grind of the day to day requirements of the teaching profession can at times cause us to lose sight of the fact that we are shaping the future.  Never forget that that is what you are doing each and every day.

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