Respect Discussion Topics

Purpose: To continue our efforts to improve respect & responsibility in our school by focusing on what it these values look like in a targeted manner throughout the month of April.


  • When: 3-4 minutes at the end of 2nd block
  • Dates: On Monday April 8th & Tuesday April 9th
  • What: Explicitly teach appropriate cafeteria behavior (see below)
  • Reminder: announcement will be made during 2nd block
  • Followup: reiterate expectations with your 3rd block class throughout April.
  • PDF to DownloadClick here to download the PDF that will be in your mailbox Monday morning describing this activity.

Read to Students: (Read the following to the whole class)

I. Student Expectations: 

  • Location: report to & remain in the cafe during assigned lunch
  • Interaction: use appropriate language and volume
  • Decency: respect the property and space of others
  • Clean-up: students must clean-up tables & put garbage in cans

II. Procedure Changes:

  • Pass Required to Leave: Students must have a pre-signed pass to leave the cafe.
  • Lavatory: Security will provide escorts to the lavatory)
  • Clean Up Whistle: a single whistle will sound 5 minutes prior to dismissal signaling time to clean up, a double whistle 5 minutes later will signal dismissal.

Discuss with Students: (topics & questions you may use to guide your discussion)

  • Clarify: Ask students if there are questions
  • Question: What is respect? Why is respect important?
  • Question: What is responsibility? Why is it important?

Together we continue to shape and define the kind of positive culture we desire to have at Athena.  Thank you in for your commitment to helping define our culture as one of respect & consistency.

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