Staff Update – Week 27

Quote to Contemplate: The following quote comes from the video (click here to view it again) we analyzed in our last department meetings pertaining to the CCLS.  It has been stuck in my mind all week. “If we do not change our practice… we will not create the space, the time, the learning opportunities for our students to achieve the core. Period. We must change.  We must shift.” ~ Kate Gerson.

Action Item: Send me an area of instruction or pedagogy that you feel you are an expert in, or is an area of strength.

  • We are looking to gather a list of what each of the teachers in this building so we can better understand the internal capacity that already exists on our faculty.
  • Examples could included teaching writing, analytical note taking, group work, student accountability, collaboration, student goal setting, open ended questioning, differentiation, synthesis, 21st Century Skills, constructivism, cognitive engagement, classroom mgmt etc…

Need to Know:

  • Tuesday Department Meeting: Tuesday will be a Department or PLC Team, you will get specific details form your administrator or Teacher Leader. We are trying to differentiate these meeting times to meet specific team and department needs.
  • Current Quarter Support: Please remember to leverage the Current Quarter Support intervention through the Twilight Academy.  Remember, this is a teacher assigned intervention for students who are in jeopardy of failing due to failure to complete work. Click here for the referral form.
  • ID Tags: Everyone must where there ID tags at all times.  Incidentally, they are equipped with an electronic chip that can swipe you into the building at certain doors.
  • Buzzer System: Our building now has a new buzzer system for access at the main rear access point. Click here to read more about this additional safety feature.
  • Technology Survey: Please take 2 minutes and complete the following survey for the District Technology Department on ITT Training. Click here. I took it… only a couple minutes.
  • Senior Reflective Conference: This year the SRC’s will take place on May 31st, please try to avoid scheduling anything on that day if possible.

Hall Way Issues:

  • No Passes After 1:40: Help us continue to keep our halls clear and safe and hold students from 1:40 until the bell.  These students seldom return and tend to wander.
  • No Passes to Cafeteria: Under no circumstance should a student have a pass to the cafeteria if it is not their lunch time.  DO NOT allow this.
  • Require Passes for ALL Hall Way Trips: Do not allow any students to leave your class without a pass.  All students in the hall must have passes.

Nice to Know:

  • Athena Scholars Honored: Several students were recently honors for their presentations at the Science Congress at St. John Fisher College.  Sarah Sotak in particular earn high honors for her presentation and is being flown to a conference in Arizona in May.
  • Sectional Championship Video: Click here to view the highlight video for the Boys Basketball Sectional Title Game.  If you have a few extra minutes in class, consider showing it.
  • 9 Hockey Players are Named Scholar Athletes: Click here to view the entire list.  Well Done boys.
  • New IC Comment: Comment 85 is now says “Student is utilizing Twilight to support success

Video Tips:

  • 21st Century Learning Skills Tip: Check out this video of a teacher using collaborative learning to build deeper understanding.
  • CCLS Video Tip: Checkout this video on how to help students learn to Cite Textual Evidence.

We are engaged in critical work.  While tough and challenging, it is the right work.  We continue to press forward together and our continued reflection and growth will have a tremendous impact.

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