Staff Update – Week 25

Quote to Contemplate: “It is best to avoid the idea that I am going to just do what I have always done and just tweak it… If we approach the Common Core that way, we are missing a huge opportunity as educators.” (excerpted from “10 Steps for Migrating Your Curriculum to the Common Core” by Achieve 3000, click here to read the rest)

As we tackle the CCLS, it is important to remember that although there will be significant changes in our instruction, we are in this together and we will continue to work together as we learn, grow and reflect. Although this work is challenging, it is the right work and we will continue forward together on this journey. Here are a few of the things to be aware of this week.

Tuesday’s Ticket Out the Door: Here is the result what you shared as your desired “Next Steps” portion of the ticket out the door. Based on this data we will be having a structured PLC/Department meetings to target the topics you indicated we need more time analyzing. (Click here to view the Prezi from the meeting.)

  • 45% – more time analyzing the CCLS and related topics
  • 30% – more time analyzing the NYSUT Rubric and related topics
  • 8% – specific examples
  • 17% – no response

Need to Know:

  • Tuesday Meeting: We will not be meeting as KRA’s this week, due to staff feedback on the need to spend more time on the CCLS and the APPR. We will start in groups according to your admin and continue a focused analysis of two CCLS Shifts. We will analyze two short video clips and evaluate what we see based on one indicator from the NYSUT Rubric. (More details from your administrator on Monday)
  • 3rd Quarter Progress Reports: Grades must be submitted by 10pm on Tuesday.
  • No Passes after 1:40: Please do not permit anyone out of your classroom after 1:40.
  • ID Badges: Monday after school at 2 pm in the main office you can have your ID badge picture taken. This is the only time they will be in our building. Badges must be worn at all times after that.
  • Intention Declaration for Next Year Email: If you have any questions contact the HR department via the following email address:
  • Year End Budget Freeze: Other than instructional mandates and health and safety issues, we can’t spend any more money at this point. See me if you have any questions.

Nice to Know:

  • Free Massages: HealthQuest Chiropractic will be coming in on Thursday, March 21 to do free 10 min chair massages between 8 & 12. You must sign up in the main office. First come first serve.
  • Bowling Team and Track Athletes Compete at States: Brian Smith and Keith Pease competed at States this weekend in Track . The Bowling Team competed at States as well!
  • Urban League Early Recognition: Over 25 Athena scholars were recognized this week in an early recognition program. Click here to view a video of advice from these incredible students.
  • Basketball Video: Click here for a video highlight reel of our Boys SemiFinal win at the Blue Cross Arena.
  • Cheerleading Video: Click here for a complete video of the halftime routine for the girls Cheer team at the Blue Cross Arena.
  • Strategic Framework Posted on the Blog: Click here if you would like to read the full document.
  • TrojanTV: Click here for this weeks edition!

Another long one. Thanks for taking the time to read and stay informed. Together, we are moving forward! I love working with each of you and am excited about where we are headed!

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