Staff Update – Week 23

As we continue to unite on our ongoing journey to press forward together, I want to take the time to remind us that we are engaged in critical work. Although the various tasks we face are challenging, we are doing the right work.  We will continue to work to ensure we are focused on school safety and high levels of learning for all students.  We will also continue to focus on the NYS Reform agenda, including the APPR and the Common Core. This is a journey not a sprint.  We continue to shape the future through what we do every day.  I am proud to work with each of you at Athena.  Thank you for everything you do.

Need to Know:

  • Tuesday Meeting: This Tuesday will begin with department time for the first half and conclude with time to work in your PLC Teams on your Essential Learning Standards Charts. See your administrator if you have any specific questions.
  • Open Letter to the Athena Community: Last week I sent an email to our entire Athena parent community detailing our response to the altercations that transpired in the parking lot the week before.  It is posted on the blog, click here if you would like to read it.
  • 2nd Advisement Mini Lesson: The counselors have put together another mini lesson to follow up on the “bystander vs. upstander” activity we did last week.  We are asking everyone to do these mini lessons so that we are united in our efforts to help equip our students to respond more effectively to negative incidents in our schools. 
  • Twilight – Current Quarter Support:  The after school 5th block Twilight Support expands this Monday to include current quarter support.  Click here for a refresher on how this works and click here to download the cover sheet (referral form).
  • Library Closed for Middle School Testing: FYI, the library will close April 16-18 and 24-26 for middle school testing, please plan accordingly.
  • Greece Youth Hall of Fame Nominations: These were due last week… if you are still interested in nominating someone, please see me asap.
  • Upcoming Superintendent Visits: In the next few weeks and months, district level walkthroughs targeting an understanding of implementation of the Common Core shifts will begin to occur.  In particular, they are looking for evidence of Writing from Sources and Text-Based Answers in all areas as well as Deep Understanding in Math instruction. Click here for a refresher on all the shifts.
Nice to Know:
  • APPR Tip:The APPR frequently references 21st Century Learning Skills.  This does not mean the use of technology. Click here for an interactive summary and overview of this foundational aspect of the new APPR.
  • Mrs. Benz – Differentiated Instruction through Self AssessmentClick here to view a video of a great strategy by Mrs. Benz
  • Legally Blonde Pictures on FacebookClick here to view photos of this year’s musical.
  • Track Team: We had numerous personal bests recorded on the weekend.  Brian Smith in particular is now the 6th ranked sprinter in the nation. 
  • Senior Night for the Hockey Team: Our hockey team beat Rush Henrietta 3-1 on Saturday and also celebrated Senior Night. 
  • Teacher Appreciation Night: Last Tuesday each of the boys basket ball players and the cheerleaders honored a teacher who has made a difference in their lives.  Over 20 different teachers were honored.  Many students indicated they wished they could have honored more of you.  

Never forget that you make a huge difference when you take time for each individual student.

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