Staff Update – Week 21

We are now officially more than half way through the school year.  With the January Regents week behind us we can set our sights on the second semester and begin the push towards June.  Here are the things you need to keep in mind this week…

Need to Know:
  • Grades Due Tuesday: Reference the email from Diane Gallipeau for specifics.  Please submit your grades on time by 10 am Tuesday morning.
  • Tuesday Staff Meeting: This Tuesday will be a PLC Team day.  Please meet with your group and continue to work on the Essential Learning Standards Charts that are a part of Check Point 2.  The goal for this Check Point is that each PLC will complete the first three colums of the chart for each quarter or unit in the course by the end of the year. Click here to view the PLC Progression.
  • Twilight Current Quarter Support: The current quarter support will begin in the next week or so.  Information will be sent out soon.  If you want to refresh your memory about this click here (then scroll down to the middle section).
  • Teacher Leader Positions: The teacher leader positions for each of the four core areas will be expanding in the next few weeks.  Kathy and Ellen will increase from 0.2 to 0.4 teacher leader release.  Mike Setzer and Pam Vail will become 0.4 teacher release.  We are working on back filling their positions with long term substitutes.
  • AIT Meeting Next Monday: Everyone is welcome.  We will meet in room 272 from 2-3:30.  Click here to visit the AIT blog.
Nice to Know:
  • Legally Blonde: Opening Night is in 4 days.  Join us on Friday night to help support our incredible music department as they begin a 2 weekend marathon of shows.
  • Light Up Athena: Support the PTSA, as they support us. Click here for more information on the Light Up Athena project.
  • TrojanTVClick here to view the latest episode.  Please take the time to show it to your students.
  • College Readiness Micro-Assemblies: 8 classes had the opportunity to hear presentations on College and Career readiness from reps from several area colleges as well as some employers.  Thank you to Gail Cappella, Ellen Shoemaker and the counselors for putting this together.  It was a fantastic opportunity to help our students get a jump start on their college preparations. The idea came from the studnet leaders I meet with monthly and it was a great success.
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