21st Century Learning Skills Resources

We continue to look for ways to improve our professional practice as educators and more fully understand the new APPR process as laid out in the NEw York State Reform Agenda. One of the major focal points of this initiative is the shift in pedagogical focus to aligning with the 21st Century Learning Skills. In fact the NYSUT rubric adopted for teacher evaluation earlier this year references these skills through out the document. On numerous indicators, the integration of these skills are required for specific indicator ratings of effective or better. The more we can learn about and integrate them into our instruction, the better off we will be.

This comes from the work and research of a wide range of educators and researchers who have aligned in a consortium known as P21. More information can be found at the http://www.p21.org website. We will also be exploring this topic in more depth in the coming months. However, the links below will take you to the curriculum maps developed by the P21 group to help articulate how these skills integrate into daily instruction.

21st Century Skills Math Map

21st Century Skills World Languages Map

21st Century Skills Arts Map

21st Century Skills Geography Map

21st Century Skills Science Map

21st Century Skills Social Studies Map

21st Century Skills English Map

The following is a list of how the 21st Century Learning Skills are addressed in the NYSUT Rubric sorted by individual indicator:


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