Staff Update – Week 20

Need to Know:
  • Tuesday’s Shortened Schedule: Please use the following times for the shortened schedule.  Anna will be on the announcements to provide reminders as the bells will not align with the passing times for this day. 
Block 1: 7:20-8:00
(passing 8:00-8:05)
Block 2: 8:05-8:45
(passing 8:45-8:50)
Block 3: 8:50-9:30
(passing 9:30-9:35)
Block 4: 9:35-10:15
  • Exam Week Reminders: Please make sure you do not introduce anything new, as our most struggling learners are in exams all week.
  • Tuesday PD SessionsAll teachers not scheduled for proctoring the afternoon exams on January 22nd, will be attending a mandatory teacher training on OLWEUS, the new bully prevention program adopted by Greece to meet the new DASA legislation.  Teachers should report to assigned rooms by department (listed below) for a presentation from the OLWEUS committee members.  The training will begin at 12 pm sharp and will last 2-3 hours.  Topics include:  the law, definitions, process, and on the spot interventions.  Thanks for your timliness and participation. 

    – Room 276:  SOC/ART/LOTE/ESOL/MEDIA.
    – Room 151:  SCI/TECH/BUS/COU

  • SLO’s for 1/2 Year Courses: If you still need anything pertaining to half year SLO’s see Melanie. Please refer to Jackie’s email regarding the grading of the half year SLO’s if you teach a half year course with an SLO. All half year SLO’s must be graded by Friday.
  • Library is Closed All Week: Please do not send any students to the library as we are using it to proctor exams with testing modifications.
  • Friday is a Scoring Day: Friday is a scoring day.  Refer to emails from your content area leaders if you have been assigned Regents Exams to score.  If you are not scoring Regents exams, you may use this time for scoring mid terms or post assessments for half year SLO’s.
  • Read Write Gold Training: There is an optional training on the Read Write Gold software by Linda VanParys on friday. See Gail if you have questions. This is an invaluable program for anyone with students with testing mods in their classroom.
  • Twilight Academy Changes for the Second SemesterClick here to revisit the changes and documents shared at last weeks staff meeting.
  • District Social Media GuidelinesClick here for the Greece Central School District’s guidelines for staff use of cell phones and social media sites.
Nice to Know:
  • Latest Edition of TrojanTV: Click here for the latest… please show these to your students.  This is a great club that is helping reshape the culture here at Athena. Please take the time to support them, by showing the latest video in class each week.
  • 10 Principles of Instruction Every Teacher Should KnowClick here for a summary of a great article from the American Educator magazine on 10 research based instructional principles that are classroom teacher approved and will make instruction more effective immediately.  Written by a teacher, for teachers!
  • What do “Beat The Odds” Schools Believe?Click here for a great summary of research pertaining to hundreds of schools in Arizona.  The highest performing schools where not the most affluent, or the ones that had the most invested parents.  
  • Book Summary: Great by Choice, by Jim CollinsClick here to read the most recent book I have read and summarized for the blog.
  • A Great Summary of PBISClick here for a great history and summary of what PBIS is supposed to be all about.
Thanks again for all you do.  Never forget, the work we are doing is the right stuff.  We are engaged in the shaping and cultivation of minds.  We are changing the future, by empowering the next generation.
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