Beat the Odds: A Research Summary

A recent study of schools throughout the state of Arizona found that the highest performing schools where not the ones in the most affluent environments. In fact they found that factors such as “class size, length of school day, amount of funding, and degree of parent involvement, did not systematically distinguish they higher performing from the comparison schools.” (source: Great by Choice, by Jim Collins, pg 56). Instead they found the following three factors in all the high performing schools regardless of all other circumstances.

Beat the Odds Schools Belief 1: Don’t blame students for not learning. Have the strength to take responsibility.

Beat the Odds Schools Belief 2: Don’t think the solution is “out there”. If students aren’t learning, the school needs to change.

Beat the Odds Schools Belief 3: Don’t let any students lag behind. If every student in every classroom isn’t learning, the school isn’t doing its job.

As the demographic factors continue to change in Greece, we would do well to keep in mind that we determine the quality of our external factors an trump our resolve to ensure that all student learn at high levels. We are doing the right work. We are making a difference every day.

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