Key Results Areas – Mid Year Update


Team Members:


  • Diane Maddock
  • Kelly Poole-Davis
  • Dan Hickey
  • Lori Ruggeri
  • Kathy Benz
  • Ellen Shoemaker
  • Sandy Garcia
  • Andrea Kukol
  • Sandy McLaughlin
  • Sue Lloyd
  • Carl Stresing
  • Ralph Fornarola
  • Bob Marion
  • Tammy Aubrey
  • Sara Giacalone
  • Michelle Scamacca
  • Erick Mock
  • Monica O’Brien
  • Jason Bunting
  • Jeff Amoroso

Summary of Work:

What is Working: Programs (support room and twilight academy) and adequate staff for these programs are available and in place


  • Need to review/clarify/amend function and purpose of each service (what it is and is not)
  • Need to review/clarify/amend who is being recommended for support and twilight, and who should be a candidate (what criteria is there for placement)
  • Need to review/clarify/amend details of how they are entered into the class and how the student and parent are notified
  • Need to review/clarify/amend the process of recording the grades
  • Clear written proposal addressing areas above that administrators and faculty can agree upon and stick to (possible vote by AIT?)

Next Steps:

  • At our next meeting we will bring all current processes and forms that are in place for support and twilight (including rosters) and start working through the concerns above one at a time.


Team Members:

  • Carol Jean Miceli
  • Mary DiMuro
  • Nicole Blackwell
  • Julia Mullane
  • Donna DiVirgilio
  • Sara Drahms
  • Currently working on a college and career readiness check list for all grade levels to be incorporated into the planner
  • Planning a college apparel day in May where students and staff will wear the college of their choice.
  • Thinking of a shadowing component for the senior portfolio.


Team Members:

  • Jim Kinsella
  • Lisa Gross
  • Jen Lagana
  • Eric Ingerick

Summary of Work:

  • Looking through standards, the Common Core are the same as what we use.
  • Assumption:  Common Core won’t be that much of a change in math for the NYS especially for lower level math courses.
  • Until we have information to the contrary it doesn’t appear we have to prepare any different for Common Core.


Team Members:

  • Tricia Saltzberg
  • Francie Wehry
  • Rachel Furuta
  • Amy Wilkin
  • Jean-Paul Scott
  • Amy Domm
  • Marie Wilson
  • John Thayer

Summary of Work:

  • We have broken “analysis” term down to ask:  How/Why is a subject to encourage deeper thinking
  • Looking to clarify through examples the CSA process across grade levels
  • i.e. – Show a low level, average level and high level response per grade.



Team Members:

  • Tim Bruner
  • Ian Gupton
  • Toni Gallo
  • Amy McCabe
  • Ida Wilder
  • Antoinetta Marino
  • Kern Brockman
  • Suniamarie Smith

 Summary of Work: To date we have set the date for the Senior Conference, we have drafted a staff email that outlines what the Senior Conference day will look like.  The group looked at the Senior Conference day process and assessed it and its merits based on Action-Based research that exists at this time.  Lastly, we began discussions on determining what responsibilities there are and who should allocate these. 


Team Members:

  • Lawrence Frisa
  • Pam Vail
  • Kathy Masters
  • Dan Train
  • Alyssa DeSiena
  • Ray Gangarossa
  • Stacy Chiaramonte

Summary of Work:

  • We discussed and finalized the song for our video. We chose the song “Respect” by Aretha Franklin.  We feel that this song ties in with our theme and group charge.
  • We also made sure we collaborated with RTI Group (Jeff Telle) to ensure no overlap.
  • All team members are on board and will be in the video.  We feel that with more teachers and students it will reach further to our audience.


Team Members:

  • Deidre Eli
  • Lisa Marsh
  • Shannon Lane
  • Jeff Telle
  • Melanie Stevens
  • Kim Coon
  • Gary Kleiman
  • Jim Vreeland
  • Julie LaRosa
  • Colleen Meger
  • Milli Lake
  • John Holden
  • Anne Camp
  • Michelle Spafford
  • John Clifford
  • Nancy Sloan

Summary of Work:

  1. The group discussed the video process
  2. Also, the group discussed the need for student leaders
  3. We voted on Olweus video for presentation on the 22nd
  4. Topics for the presentation were also discussed.


Team Members:

  • Tyler Beach
  • Barbara Kleman
  • Carol Schneider
  • Jim Johnson
  • Rob Cerone
  • Ted Holz
  • Chris Mros
  • Cory Doty
  • Emily Rounding
  • Val Derleth
  • Kathy Magin
  • Mike Setzer
  • Mike Moguel
  • Linda Ingram
  • Will Spencer
  • Kathy Dyer
  • Brian King
  • Nicole Berardo
  • Mike Carges
  • Carol Potocki-Corcoran

Summary of Work: We came up with some great ideas, we figured out how to implement the plan.  We still need to figure out how to reward teachers/counselors/staff!

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