Staff Update – Week 19

Only one more week until we hit the mid year point. It is hard to believe this year is almost half over. There is a lot going on, but I will try and keep this email to the most essential information.

Need to Know:

  • Tuesday Focus Meeting: We will meet at 2 in the Cafe to discuss exam week, Twilight, RtI and have some time in departments
  • Exam Week: As you plan instruction for exam week, please remember many of our most struggling learners are not in class.  Please do not plan any new instruction if you are not giving a mid term. Click here for exam schedule and other info.
  • Exam Week Proctoring Information: All teachers and proctors must click on this link and read a document from the state prior to their involvement with testing in January and June.
  • Emphasize the Writing Framework: Please take time this week to review the writing framework with your students in preparation for exam week.  If you can have them use it and offer feedback that would be fantastic. Last year we had outstanding results on the ELA exam when we all emphasized this framework. 
  • Updated APPR Page on the Blog: Check out the APPR page on the blog for updated resources that I have gathered from some of the other schools that may be helpful.  Particularly, the “How to Upload Evidence” document may be helpful.
  • AIT Meeting Minutes: Minutes from the January AIT meeting are posted on the AIT blog.  
  • Students on Pass Restriction: If you have students on pass restriction, please put a note in your sub folder. Students are taking advantage of the fact that subs don’t know this information.
  • Lock Down Drill Follow Up: We will have an unannounced Lock Down Drill in the coming months to further ensure we are prepared and practiced for an emergency.  Please encourage our students to take this seriously.  The copy room can not be locked at this point, so if you are in the copy room, cross the hall to the unit office. We are working on fixing the lock.

Nice to Know:

  • Information about “21st Century Learning Skills”: Many of the indicators on the new APPR rubric reference 21st Century Learning Skills. Click here for a description and information.
  • PBIS Team Needs Student of the Week NominationsClick here to download the form.
  • Greece Youth Hall of Fame Nominations: If you would like to nominate a student for this honor please let me know and I will get you a nomination form.
  • Music Bright Spots: Brian King hosted a former student and her Big Band group last week and Linda Marino’s students held a “Beatles” themed concert the week before.  Both nights were extremely successful and further showcase the incredible impact Athena continues to have on our students.
  • Basketball Team Honors the Past: The boys basketball team beat Hilton 70-39 on Friday.  That evening they also honored the anniversary of a former State Championship Team.
  • The Legally Blonde Musical: Only 2 weeks until opening night.  Email Kathy Dyer if you need tickets.
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