Tips for Engaging Underperforming Students (from Edutopia)

We al struggle with those students who seem to continually underperform and disengage in the learning.  One school in a high poverty region of North Carolina collaborated as a staff to develop a top ten list of Interactive Learning strategies they defined as non-negotiable.  Over the subsequent years, this school say incredible gains in achievement, learning and student attitudes.

Here is the Top Ten Interactive Learning Non-Negotiables:

  1. One Essential Question Per Lesson
  2. One Activating Strategy Per Lesson
  3. Relevant Vocabulary in Every Lesson
  4. Limited Lecture Time (no more than 12-15 min at a time)
  5. Use a Graphic Organizer
  6. Student Movement
  7. Minimum of 3 Higher Order Thinking (“HOT”) Questions Each Lesson
  8.  Summarize to Close the Lesson
  9. Rigorous Pace (always something rigorous to do)
  10. Student Centered Focus

Watch the videos for deeper understanding:

Engaging Underperforming Students:

Picture 5

Case Study of a Public Turnaround School:

Picture 6

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