New Guidelines for Students Attending Basketball Games

Please be aware of the following guidelines for attending JV and Varsity basketball games at Athena High School.

  • Pre-Sale Only – Tickets for all home games must be purchased at the AD’s Office by 2:30 pm on the day of the game… no exceptions!
  • ID Required –  You must have your ID to buy a ticket and to enter the game.
  • Eligibility to Purchase a Ticket – Tickets will only be sold to students who attended the school the day of the game and have not had a major referral during the preceding 7 days.
  • No Standing – Due to safety concerns and respect issues with students, there will be no more standing in the bleachers during the game.
  • Sit With a Parent or Guardian – If a student doesn’t have a pre-sale ticket or an ID, they can only attend if the enter and sit with a parent.

Attending sporting events is a privilege and an honor.  Make sure that we are all respectful at all times and that we represent our school, our families and ourselves with honor, respect and dignity.

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