Staff Update – Week 15

December always seems to be a complex combination of festive excitement and stressed out students! We traditionally see an increase in students acting out and manifesting inappropriate behaviors during this month.  There are a wide range of factors that impact this trend… please keep in mind, that Christmas is not a happy time for many of our students.  With that said, in appropriate behaviors are not acceptable and we need to continue to provide a consistent, firm and caring environment of support and accountability.

Here are a few things to be aware of as we enter into week 15.

Staff Meeting on Tuesday: PLC Teams will work on the Check Point 2(except ELA & Special Ed).  Each team should complete the first 3 columns of the Essential Learning Standards chart for the current unit! See locations below.

  • ELA 9/10 – Francie’s class
  • ELA 11/12 – Kathy Masters class
  • SS – Alyssa’s class
  • LOTE – Karen’s class
  • PE, FCS & Health – Training room
  • Special Ed – Sp’ed Office
  • Science, Tech & Business – 210
  • Art – Julia’s room
  • Math – Math Office

Need to Know:

  • New Basketball Ticket Rules – Due to recent escalation in inappropriate behavior we will be introducing new rules around ticket purchasing and attendance at basketball games.  The will be as follows: 1) pre sale only for all students, 2) ID will be required for admission by any non adult into the game, 3) students with a major referral in the preceding 7 days will not be sold a ticket.
  • Grading Window – Grades must be finalized closes Monday, December 17th at 10 am.
  • Calling Home if Students are in Jeopardy of Failing – Please continue to make sure you speak to a parent or guardian if a students is at risk of failing.
  • AIT Update – the new framework was ratified and adopted last month.  AIT met on Monday.  Click here to visit the blog, click here to view the meeting minutes and click here to view the ratifiedAthena Improvement Team Framework.

Nice to Know:

  • Sports Highlights – Basketball, Hockey and Bowling are all off to great seasons with several wins each.  Track and swimming get underway next week.  Try to make it out to a game or two this month to cheer on our kids if you can make it.
  • Poinsettia Delivery – Boys Basketball visited a local old folks home and delivered Christmas poinsettia’s.  The boys did fantastic and represented our school incredibly well.
  • Trojan TV – Please make sure you are taking a couple minutes each advisement to show the most recent version of TrojanTV.  We are trying to build a positive culture and supporting this initiative is a great way to help move the culture together. Click here for the most recent episode.
  • December 18th Staff Meeting – Our final staff meeting of the year will be a Department Meeting.
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