Athena Staff Update – Week 13

Upcoming Staff Meetings:

  • Tuesday Dec 4th – KRA Committee Meeting (Cafe)
  • Tuesday Dec 11th – PLC Team Meetings working on the Essential Standards Chart for Check Point Two (location TBD)
  • Tuesday Dec 18th – Department Meeting time (location TBD)

Need to Know:

  • Walkthroughs – Just a reminder, administrator who visits your room for a walkthrough may record what they observe on the walkthrough form.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak with any of us.  This process is to be constructive and result in strengthening our professional practice. However, not every classroom visit has to be recorded.
  • SLO Memo – GTA and the District recently released a revised guideline for the SLO banding process. You recieved it through your GTA channels. This will require some groups to rework the bands. Please consult this memo and your administrator.  If you need to rework your bands, you can have an extension until the following Friday.
  • Run Around Sheets – 
  • Students Who Failed First Quarter – “The consequence for failing to do the learning needs to be learning”. If you have a student that you feel can recover their first quarter learning most effectively through the Twilight Academy, speak with Erick or one of the other Twilight teachers.  The referral form for Twilight is on the M:Drive under the “Twilight” folder.
  • Leaving the Building – If you need to leave the building prior to 2:15 end of the work day, please ask your administrator first, then sign out with Anna in the main office.
  • Credit Accrual Conversations – The RtI model suggests that a school system should have supports in place to help teachers with the 5-10 % of students who do not learn through classroom instruction and Tier 1 interventions by the teacher.  If you have more than 10% failing or you would like help with Tier 1 interventions the admin team would love to have conversations with you and talk about strategies and supports that are available.
Nice to Know
  • Run Around Sheets – Students failing multiple classes in 9th and 10th grades will be coming to you with run around sheets.  The purpose of this is for me to better understand why they are failing, what they need to do to not be failing, and help support you in the expectation that all student do the learning required.  Please fill them out and let me know the grade and any outstanding work I need to be bugging these students about.
  • Winter Sports – Try and attend a sporting event or two over the next few weeks… the students love to see you there.  
  • TrojanTV – Make sure you are showing the most recent episode and promoting this fantastic club in your advisements.
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