Staff Update – Week #11

Quarter two here we come! Sorry this is later than usual, I was waiting for information from District Office that I wanted to include in this week’s update.

Need to Know:

  • Staff Meeting Today: We will meet in the cafeteria today for a few announcements and then we will begin working in our Key Results Area (KRA) Committees.  These are the committees you signed up for a few weeks ago that align with our school improvement plan.
  • SLO Templates: SLO’s are due Nov. 21, before you leave for Thanksgiving.  If you have not completed them you will have the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (Nov 20) to work on them in the cafeteria with administration.  If you would like to work on them as a team with an administrator prior to Tuesday you will be exempt from attending that staff meeting.  Also, if you are already completed and can give your SLO to your administrator prior to Tuesday, you do not have to attend next weeks staff meeting.
  • Grading Window: Grades must be posted by 10 am today.  Make sure that all grades are entered as 55% or higher. If you have an AP course, there has been confusion from the district as to how to set up the grades I am waiting on clarity and will communicate it when it comes.  We will have clerical support available if it requires any reentry.
  • APPR Ratified: The new evaluation system has been approved and will go into effect as soon as I am given the green light by the district.  Some information will be shared at the staff meeting today.

Nice to Know:

  • SLO Template Link: Click here for the link to a M.S. Word version of the SLO Template if you would like to input it digitally.
  • Analytical Reading Strategies: Click this link to view a series of videos on how to help studnets read more analytically.
  • GEF at Barnes & Noble: Click here for more information on the December 10th event.
  • Keith Pease: If you see Keith today, congratulate him for representing Athena at the State Cross Country meet this weekend.

Hope you all have a great week.

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