Athena Staff Update: Week 9

We are now entering our last week of the first quarter.  Time is flying.  Here are a few things you need to know:

Upcoming Staff Meetings:

  • November 6th – begin with Grading pretest, arrive in Cafeteria at 2:30 sharp for help with SLO writing
  • November 13th – KRA Committees (Cafe)
  • November 20th – APPR Overview and PLC Time

Need to Know:

  • Grading Window Closes November 12th at 10 am – Don’t forget that November 11th we are not in school.  Please plan accordingly.  The grades must be in IC at 10 am sharp.
  • District Survey – You must complete this by November 13th. The timeframe was extended due to the  weather on Tuesday. Click this link to begin survey.
  • January Regents Exam Week – Exams will run between Tuesday January 22nd and Friday the 25th.  Tuesday will be a half day for students and all 11th graders will take the ELA exam in the afternoon session.  Friday will be a scoring day with no students in the building. Click here for specific exam dates and times  for January and June.
  • At Risk Students – If you have students who are at risk of failing the first quarter, make sure you are making home contact…  I would want a call if I had a son or daughter that was at risk of failing a class.
  • Truancies & Tardies – Please ensure you are maintaining accurate attendance data and that you are cross referencing your attendance with the daily absentee report.  This is data is a legal requirement. Additionally, is students skip class or are truant please follow the appropriate documentation and reporting process.
  • Student Access to the Wifi – Students now have authorized access to the school network by searching for the network named “Student“.  There is no password required.  The BOCES filter still applies.

Nice to Know:

  • X-C Video Click here to view highlights from the Boys race at the county championships
  • Tech TipsClick here for a great blog article titled “Tips for Tech-Cautious Teachers”.
  • TrojanTV – Please take the time to show the most recent episode in your advisement or class if you have a few minutes. Click here to visit the TrojanTV blog
  • Promoting Elective Courses – We will be sending a Newsletter home to parents the week of Thanksgiving.  We would like to include promotional blurbs about the different elective options.  if you would like to promote courses please give me your “promo” by Friday, November 16th (1/2 page per department).
  • Course Offering Guide  – Click here if you are interested in viewing the courses and options available to students.
  • APPR Reminder – Click here to read about how the Local 20 points will be calculated for Athena.
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