Staff Update – Week #8

I have been given feedback that my emails are too wordy… I value your feedback and seek to adjust my leadership and communication to be as effective and efficient as possible. I will try to be more succinct.

Upcoming Staff Meetings:

  1. This Tuesday – PT from the District & PLC Time (Check Point 2)
  2. October 30th – PLC Time (Pre Test Grading & Charting the Data)
  3. November 6th – Developing & Writing the SLO’s
  4. November 13th – KRA Committees

Need to Know Information:

  1. Earn Points for PLC Work – If any PLC groups want to work collaboratively during their planning time or after school, I have been given permission to give points through MLP.  If you decide you want to use this time for collaboration around our PLC process let Melanie know.  She will show you how to register for the points.  When you are done you just need to let your admin know what you did during the time.
  2. 55% Minimum – Please remember that the lowest grade a student can earn for the first 2 quarters is 55%.
  3. AP Course Weighting – AP Courses are weighted with a bonus 0.05%. In the past this was calculated at the end of the year.  It will now be calculated by IC each quarter.
  4. Library Passes – Please remember that students must have pre-signed passed for the library at all times.
  5. SLO Pre Tests – Make sure all pre tests are completed by the end of October.

Nice To Know:

  1. Brainscape Video – Mike and Linda (and a few students) are stars of our latest video (click here to view it). They were also showcased on the Brainscape companies website.  Click here to view the article.
  2. Working with ESOL Students – As we continue to see a rise in our ESOL population you might want to check out the PD that is being offered in MLP on this topic.
  3. Musicians Honored – The following students earned Area All State honors; MacKenzie Wright, Kaitlyn Garlington, Rachel Wallmann, McKenna Bunting, Andrew Buckley, Ryan Kosko, Allison Tuttle, Andrew Buckley.
  4. Carol Jean – The library staff would like to recognize the efforts of Carol Jean Miceli. They have indicated that since she has been working on hallway monitoring they have noticed a dramatic decrease in wandering students!
  5. TrojanTVClick here to view the latest episode… please make sure you are showing this in advisement.

Still long… but I am a work in progress.  Thanks for reading.

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