Staff Update – Week 4

September is finished and we are now almost half way through the first quarter.  With Spirit week starting on Monday we are officially moving at full speed.  Although this year has brought a myriad of stress full initiatives and changes, I am impressed with how vigorously each and every member of the Athena Staff continues to work on behalf of our students.  Although there seems to be a nervous uncertainty of coming months I am confident that we are headed forward together on a good path in the right direction.  I appreciate the trust we continue to forge and look ahead to the coming months with eager expectation. Athena is a great school with incredible people… and we continue to improve everyday.  I am proud to be a member of the Athena family.

Here are a few things to be aware of in the coming week:

  1. APPR Information: GTA sent out a PPT explaining the new APPR in June.  I believe they are also sending out another PPT this week.  Please make sure you are educating yourself through this document so you understand the new system. You should also familiarize yourself with the following documents: Updated 2012 NYSUT Rubric (shorter than the original one) and TED Documents (NYSUT ancillary materials that support the rubric)
  2. Tuesday Staff Meeting: Tuesday we will meet in the Cafeteria.
  3. SLO Presentation from Tuesday: The presentation by Barbara Tomasso is now on the blog.  Click here to view it again.
  4. October 5th PD Day: Click here for a link to the agenda and locations of your sessions.
  5. Gap Analysis – Grading: Click here to view the breakdown of the data pertaining to our collective responses to the grading research survey. Click here for book summaries on the topic of grading. Also, I have several copies left of some of these books that are free for the taking.
  6. Syllabus and/or Grading Policy Documents: Please make sure you have given Melanie Williams the documents you have shared with parents pertaining to your class and grading policies.
  7. Learning Center: Click here for information that was presented two weeks ago about out Learning Center and Twilight Academy.
  8. Bully Prevention Team: Please contact Dr. Clifford and/or Diedre Eli if you are interested in joining this team to explore the use of the Olweus Program to help address this issue and put in place measures to help improve out ability to prevent bullying.
  9. Culture & Climate Team (PBIS): Connect with Jeff Telle if you are interested in joining this team, which will continue to look at ways to help our students become more responsible, respectful and ready to learn.
  10. Athena Google Calendar: All Athena events are now posted on the Athena Google Calendar (click here to view). If you have an event please email NancyJo or Ann Marie Paul and we will get it on the calendar.  You can also subscribe to these calendars and have the events added to your smart phone or online calendars.
  11. Spirit Week: Next week is Spirit Week. Please reference Amy’s email for information on the different days.  If you can make it out to one of the teams games during this week the students would really appreciate it. Click here to view the schedule of team games on the school Google Calendar.
  12. Bright Spot – The Athena App: Athena 11th Graders Derek Dirisio and Nick Scacchetti have developed and App for our school and have gotten it in the Android and App stores.  Please share and promote this in your classes.  It is pretty neat, and I am not aware of any other schools in the area with an app.

As always, it feels like we are moving at breakneck speeds. We must take time to remind ourselves that what we are doing is critical work.  We change lives and shape the future everyday.  Few professions can claim to do both of those noble tasks.  It is an honor to work with you and to be moving forward together.

Forward Together, Jason

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