Week #2 – Staff Update

We have made it through the first week successfully.  Thank you to every one of you for an incredible start to the school year.  I know the pressures facing us this year are crazy and intense.  However, I love that we have a team of professionals that are so focused on students.  As we navigate the challenges of the coming weeks, I hope we are all able to keep our eyes and efforts focused on the real reason we are in this profession… we help students succeed, and ultimately we are shaping a better future one student at a time.

1) Student Assemblies: Assemblies for each grade level wrapped up today.  In the 9 years I have been in Greece these were the best assemblies I have ever seen.  We have so many great students.

2) Administrative Duties Chart: The Admin duties chart has been posted on the blog under “Documents”.  This will let you know what areas, departments and teachers each administrator supervises. (Click here to view the document)

3) Tuesday Staff Meeting: Tuesday, September 18th will now be a Focus Meeting.  I have been given a PPT to share with you on the development of your SLO’s (Student Learning Objectives). This is the 20 points of the new evaluation system that is defined by the state and based on a pre and post test.

4) PLC Progression Check Point #1: Since next Tuesday will be a Focus Meeting, we will have a PLC Meeting day on September 25th.  That means Check Point # 1 isn’t due to your administrator until the following Friday, September 28th to accommodate this shift.

5) NYSUT Rubric PD Training: We have a limited number of slots for a few teachers to receive training from NYSUT on the new teacher evaluation rubric.  If you are interested in this opportunity please speak with one of the GTA reps for more information about how to sign up on MLP.

  • Click here to view the NYSUT Rubric on the NYSUT website
  • Click here to view the TED documents that NYSUT has put together to support this system

6) Curriculum Night: This Wednesday is our annual Curriculum Night.  Please be in your room from 6:30pm – 8:45pm. More information will come about timeframe and a schedule.

7) Period Attendance: Please remember to complete your attendance within 10 minutes of the start of class.  This is a state law and not an option.

8) Obstructed Doorway Windows: Please make sure that the window in your doorway is not obstructed.  This is a safety code issue and is not an option. The windows cannot be covered.  Additionally, this protects you from the potential of accusation about being in a room alone with a student.  Please take this seriously.

9) Sign Ins for Staff Meetings: Please remember to sign in for all staff meetings per the GTA/District agreement.  This needs to be done the day of the meeting.  Melanie allowed people to sign in during subsequent days this week.  However, she has to log these into MLP on the Wednesday following the meeting.  You will not receive credit if you do not sign in on the day of the meeting moving forward.

10) Technology Tip: 375 Free eBooks… follow this link! http://gizmodo.com/5941911.  This is a great resource you might want to share with your students.

11) Sports Updates: We are off to a great start this season.  If you can stop by a game the kids really appreciate it.  All sporting events are now on the school calendar on the Greece Athena Home Page.  Click here to view the school page and then click “Athletic Calendars”.

  • Football Team VideoClick here for a highlight video filmed at the last home Football game.  The boys beat Arcadia 33-13.

12) Grading Meetings and Resources: As you continue to set up your grade books please take time to reflect on the research summaries sent home over the summer.  If you want a quick refresher, click one of the links below. As mentioned several times, throughout the year I will look to chat with each of you about your grading practices.  Thanks!

13) Student Drop Requests: When students want to drop classes because they feel it is “too hard” for them, please be cautious about signing off on these requests.  As we continue to encourage students to challenge themselves, we need to be united in the effort to keep students in challenging classes.  Obviously some students may be misplaced and need to drop in order to be successful.  However, I want to make sure we do not allow any students to drop simply because they don’t want to do the work.

Thank you for your patience and grace throughout the past few weeks.  We are dealing with a lot of change and stress.  I recognize that this whole situation is a work in progress.  The reform agenda contains some really good systematic changes that will benefit students.  It also will cause problems and struggles that seem ridiculous at times.  We will continue to work through this together.

Have a great weekend.

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