Week #1 Staff Update

1) September School Improvement Meeting: The school improvement team has always met on the first Monday of the month at 2.  We will continue this practice this year.  Since we do not have a clearly defined framework (remember, the proposed framework will be presented at the September 25th, All Staff Focus Meeting) this meeting is open to all.  We will be reviewing the the proposed committee structure and clarifying the purpose and goal of each committee.
2) Tuesday Staff Meeting: This Tuesday, September 11th, our staff meeting will be in the Cafeteria.  We will begin with distributing the Binder and reviewing a few things.  We will then break into PLC groups to start looking at how our PLC Teams will operate this year (norms, data analysis and SMART Goals). We will continue this work as PLC Teams the following week on the 18th.
3) The Greenhouse: The greenhouse was recently tested and the results indicated elevated levels of vermiculite>  As a result the greenhouse will be treated in the next few days.  This will result in sealing it off from use.  Those impacted by the lack of access have already been notified.  I have been informed that there is nothing about this procedure that should cause alarm and that the process should not take long.  A ConnectEd Message will go out to night to inform parents.
4) WeMoCo Students Will Miss Some Class Each Day – Attached you will find a letter that was sent home to students regarding WeMoCo.  If you have PM WeMoCo students in your class they will need to be dismissed about 20 minutes early from class and are responsible for all work missed.
5) Grade Level Assemblies: You will receive an email with updates about the grade level assemblies that will take place during advisement next week to review the code of conduct.  Stay tuned.
6) Bright Spots: As you experience bright spots, please send me anecdotes and facts about the great stuff going on around our school so I can share them out with the staff, students and/or parents. One bright spot was our nearly 100 Freshman Mentors and the incredible Ignition program they put on.  If you would like to view the video they put together, click here.
7) PLC Progression Video: I know wednesday was a rush of information and craziness.  If you would like to watch the PLC Progression Video again… click here. We will begin to follow this document for our PLC Team development next Tuesday.
8) Opening Day Speaker: A video I found on YouTube of Patrick Briggs.  Click here to view it.
9) Sports Update: Come cheer on the Trojans this week.  The kids will love to see you there. Here are a few home games this week:
  • Boys Soccer Saturday Afternoon
  • Girls Tennis Today at 3:30 (Basil Marella)
  • Varsity Football on Saturday @ 2pm
10) Binders: will be available on Tuesday during the Focus Meeting
11) Tardy Students: Don’t forget that any students who arrive late to school will have a pass from the security desk.  If not they are tardy without excuse and you continue to handle them how you always have handled them.  If they are tardy to school you need to input them into IC as tardy with the time.  The attendance clerks will ensure that these are aligned with the time they signed in to school.  Thanks!
Any Questions: Just ask… I know there are a million things going on.  Stop by and ask any administrator if you need clarification on anything.
I am really excited to be on this journey with each of you.  Athena has an incredible staff and each of you is working hard for our students. I am grateful to be forging strong and trusting relationships with each of you.  I am glad that we are able to work through the issues that arise and that we continue to focus on ways to make Greece Athena the best school it can be. I know the road ahead is challenging, but we will navigate it together well.
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