Average is Over (Thomas Friedman)

As many of you know, I tremendously admire the New York Times columnist and author, Thomas Freidman of “The World is Flat” fame.  I think he is an insightful, clear headed thinker with tremendous insight about where our world is headed.  He recently wrote a profoundly frightening synopsis of a fundamental assumption in American culture… the concept of average! In the eyes of Friedman, average is over.

Here is the first sentence of the article:

A big mismatch exists today between how U.S. C.E.O.’s look at the world and how many American politicians and parents look at the world — and it may be preventing us from taking our education challenge as seriously as we must.”

Click here to read the rest of his article.

I don’t view this perspective as threatening or anti public school.  Rather I view his research and insight as a window in to the direction we need to shape and move our schools so that we are meeting the needs of a 21st Century, networked, and integrated world. What worked for the agrarian society that founded our system will no longer allow us to produce competitive students and citizens.

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