Researched Based Instructional Strategy: Cornell Notes

Taking effective notes is an essential aspect of effective student learning.  It is also a critical skill for helping students become college and career ready. However, most of us spend little, if any, time reflecting on whether the methods teach our students is anchored in the research.  Our students spend hours taking notes… but are we teaching them the best strategies?

Cornell Notes is a research proven strategy for ensuring that our students not only take great notes, but that they reinforce the learning and lead to long term retention of the content. Robert Marzano’s research has indicated 10 high leverage instructional strategies that are proven to have a huge impact on student learning.  The Cornell Notes strategy integrates 4 of highest leverage strategies in Marzano’s top 10 (summary note taking,  advanced organizers, compare/classify, & vocabulary).

Click here to view a complete description of this simple but effective strategy.

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of how this might look.

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2 Responses to Researched Based Instructional Strategy: Cornell Notes

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  2. joshua says:

    I think that good note taking really helps students out too!

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