Book Summary: Change Leader (by Michael Fullan)

I just finished a great book called Change Leader by Michael Fullan.  Below you will find an overview of the book.  If yoga re interested in reading the full summary click here.

Premise of the Book: Learning to lead change is best done be practice and not theory. “…practice, especially deliberative practice, drives better practice. Practice is our best bet for finding solutions and for liberating innovation.” (pg 155)

In this book Fullan lays out a 7 part framework to guide the leader through a reflective process of leading change that is based on informing through deliberate practice.  He offers the lens of 7 insights as the framework by which the change leader should navigate the treacherous but rewarding waters of effective change and sustainable improvement of practice. Each insight is the focus and title of a chapter in the book.

7 Chapter Titles:

  1. Practice Drives Theory: Doing is the Crucible of Change
  2. Be Resolute: Act with Purpose and Empathy
  3. Motivate the Masses: Experience is Believing
  4. Collaborate to Compete: Multiply Capacity and Win
  5. Learn Confidently: Change Requires Confidence (true confidence requires humility)
  6. Know Your Impact: Drowning in Data, Thirsty for Knowledge
  7. Sustain Simplexity: Just Right Simple

7 Key Insights:

  • Chapter 1 – “The effective change leader actively participates as a learner in helping the organization improve.”
  • Chapter 2 – “Effective change leaders combine resolute moral purpose with impressive empathy.”
  • Chapter 3 – “Realized effectiveness is what motivates people to do more.”
  • Chapter 4 – “Collaborative competition is the yin and yang of successful change. Collaborate and compete.”
  • Chapter 5 – “Change leaders are more confident than the situation warrants but more humble than they look.”
  • Chapter 6 – “Statistics are a wonderful servant and an appalling master.”
  • Chapter 7 – “Simplexity is salvation for an intricate world.”

Click here to read the full summary.

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