First Draft: Teaching Assignments and Rooms

This is the first DRAFT of the teaching assignments and room usage for next year.  This is tentative and may change in the coming weeks as enrollment adjusts and the Master Schedule is put together.

At our staff meeting I indicated that almost everyone got their 1st or 2nd choices.  That was incorrect.  Everyone was given teaching assignments in their top three requests.  If this was not possible, an administrator spoke directly with you to discuss the issue.  If you have any questions or concerns, please see Jason G.

Priorities for the Teaching Assignments:

  1. We tried to give everyone their top 1 or 2 choices.
  2. We tried to keep preps to a minimum
  3. We tried to make sure you were teaching what was on your request sheet

Priorities for Room Usage:

  1. Reduced movements and traveling teachers
  2. Teachers in proximity to others teaching similar content
  3. Accommodating increased enrollment/programs in middle school
  4. Expanding the support center and reading program to meet the needs of students.

Click Here for the: Teacher-Course Alignment 12-13

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