Trojan Pride ~ Staff Update (5.9.2012)

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One Response to Trojan Pride ~ Staff Update (5.9.2012)

  1. Kimberly Redder says:

    MVP: RtI is not the purview of the Special Ed Dept. It is intended for the general ed community with the hope of helping struggling learners before they fail and face Special Ed Referrals.
    NEXT STEP: Having data in a timely fashion to start RtI early in order to intervene especially if it is for credit recovery. For us, we would specifically target LOTE level 2. There has to be release time so a teacher can work with struggling students during the day. It would be imperative to reteach the material before a student retakes a test to earn credit. This could work out if teachers shared advisement. For example Teachers A and B share an advisement, Teacher A does RtI for the first half in another location, and Teacher B does RtI for second half. This way there is a built in opportunity during the day for RtI, and student coverage in advisement.
    ~Lovely Ladies of LOTE

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