Teaching Tips: Analytical Writing Stations (Mrs. Masters)

Mrs. Masters shares and incredible multi-day activity that she uses to help students develop and improve their ability to write analytically.

Four Days Unit for Developing Analytical Writing!

Day One ~ Differentiated Readings and Graphic Organizers: Students analyze different poems in groups using differentiated graphic organizers. The student groups are based on homogeneous skill levels and each group receives a poem and graphic organizer that meets there individual needs. Regardless of the level or ability, students are expected to ultimately produce analytical responses to the content on which they are working.

Day Two ~ Comparing with an Exemplar: Students receive an exemplar essay that is analyzing the specific poem the read and analyzed during the first day. They complete a Close Reading of the exemplar and answer a variety of targeted Text Dependent Questions (TDQs). Students then compare the exemplar with their own analysis from the previous class and look for ways to strengthen their own work.

Day Three ~ Practicing Analytical Writing: Students come to class prepared to write an Analytical response to a poem of their choosing. Students are free to reference any of the notes, organizers and documents from the preceding two class periods. All students regardless of their level or ability are expected to write analytically and at a high level as a result of the differentiated scaffolding they received.

Day Four ~ Putting it All Together: Students are expected to be able to write an analytical response to a poem that they have not seen a head of time. The skills they developed during the previous periods should be leveraged during this final activity, however, they must complete this essay without reference any documents or other aids.

Sample Documents:

Note: This activity does not take 4 full class periods. Rather it is an activity that is spread across portions of 4 class periods.

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