Conference Reflection: Professional Development to Raise Student Achievement (Erick Mock)

One of the big points I took from this training was that we need to leverage the natural strengths we have more in our teamwork to benefit our students.  The activity we did on Thursday (DiSC) really gave us some perspective on how we can use those strengths to work more collaboratively to achieve the goals we set forth for our students and for ourselves.  We have a lot of great people at Athena who have different personality traits who may not volunteer to be part of teams or committees here but they could be a great asset.  Perhaps we should consider inviting specific people to different committees that have some of these other traits to see if they have any additional feedback to offer.  This will help our teams and committees get more rounded feedback that represents other people on staff.
I also really learned a lot from the session that talked about professional development.  We discussed how our district has been more focused in our professional development as a result of the state interventions which has been a benefit to us.  We aren’t being pulled in as many directions as we normally are by this time of the year. 
The cycle that we learned about for effective professional development makes sense.  We have done a similar process with our CFAs, but I think we are missing a more guided approach to the instructional side which includes a lot more coaching about really working on improving instructional techniques.  I know that as my department starts to work with the Common Core Learning Standards we are going to look for more collaboration, more professional development on the CCLS, and for any coaching that comes along with it to help make this a smooth transition as we learn to adapt to this new alignment and newer approach to the content.
(Posted by Erick Mock)
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