Conference Reflection: Professional Development to Raise Student Achievement (CJ Miceli)

It is amazing how quickly we can retreat into our own little world as educators.  How do we ever get this system to work?  Well, the learning that took place at the Raising Student Achievement professional development presented by AFT certainly laid the groundwork for a successful adventure down an ever-changing path. 

Learning that we all have different communication styles and how to appropriately communicate was amazing.  We need to realize that “communications are influenced by people, personalities, positions, pressures, and politics.”  Knowing that everyone is entitled to their opinion and that it is not wrong just because you disagree with it, is very important to remember.  We have all been educated prior to joining this team, and we all have important input to contribute as part of the learning team.  Let’s embrace, appreciate, and value the communication styles of others. 

It is important to remember that to be successful as a team of educators, we all must know and be on board with the process of how we plan to move forward.  Knowing the “norms,” sticking to an agenda, and being respectful of everyone’s time, talents, and expertise is essential. 

We don’t necessarily learn from our experiences as much as we can learn by analyzing our experiences to successfully move past the road blocks and strive for smooth transitions as we continue our jouney. 

We can be effective and raise student success.  The answers are right here in front of us; we just have to engage ourselves, embrace our differences, and utilize what we have.

(Posted by CJ Miceli)

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