New book summary posted of “Pyramid Response to Intervention” by Buffum, Mattos & Weber

The Book: This book is the seminal work on how to systematically respond when students don’t learn.  The authors leverage the concepts of the Professional Learning Community and the ideas behind Response to Intervention to lay out a clear, easy to follow and compelling case for the development of a Pyramid of interventions to ensure that all students learn at high levels.

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Abstract of the Summary: This book is compendium of resources, research and insight for practical implementation.  It is worth every penny it costs.  The authors break down every aspect of systematic, school wide improvement.  The authors assume that all students can learn at high levels and that it is the collective responsibility of the school to ensure that systems of intervention exist to support each learners need for a variable amount of time and support to learn effectively. If you agree with the two main assumptions, this book will guide you through every aspect of developing, implementing and improving a pyramid response to intervention that will ensure that all students do in fact learn at high levels.

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