Differentiation Strategy – Cubing

Here is a linke to a wiki that is devoted to a differentiation strategy called cubing.  Cubing is basically an instructional strategy that asks students to consider a concept from a variety of different perspectives. Here are the basics of cubing:

  • Multiple cubes are designed by Readiness or interest.
  • The cubes are six-sided figures that have a different activity on each side of the cube.
  • A worksheet or instructions let students know how many of the activities must be completed.
  • Individually, in pairs or small groups, each student takes a turn rolling the cube and doing the activity that comes up. Students have the choice to roll again (once for the entire project) if they don’t like the activity that turns up
  • Students each roll the cube 2-6 times, based on the assignment instructions

Click the following link to learn more and download templates for various content areas and grade levels.


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