Busting the Myths about Differentiated Instruction

This is a list of 10 commonly held myths about differentiated instruction.  These myths are from an incredible article by Rick Wormeli from a recent edition of the Principal Leadership Magazine.  Rick is a teacher and an author based out of Virginia and he offers some tremendous insights.  If you would like to read the entire article click here.

  • Myth 1: Students Will Be Unprepared for Tests
  • Myth 2: Differentiation Equals Individualization
  • Myth 3: Differentiation Means Unbalanced Workloads
  • Myth 4: Lack of Mastery at the Same Time as Classmates Means Lack of Credit
  • Myth 5: “I Taught It. It’s Up to Students to Learn It.”
  • Myth 6: Lesson Plans Must Be Turned In
  • Myth 7: Summative Assessment Leads to Learning
  • Myth 8: Students Won’t Be Able to Compete in the Real World
  • Myth 9: If We Don’t Differentiate, Students Will Toughen Up
  • Myth 10: There Is Only One Way to Differentiate

If any of these myths jump out at you… consider reading the full article.  Rick Wormeli elaborates extensively on each of these myths and helps explain where these perspectives come from, while articulating a more clear and accurate perspective of true differentiated instruction.  Click here to read more.

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