Today’s PLC Team Work!

Today’s PLC Team Meeting: You will be working on developing a CFA that aligns with the common writing process.  You will need to complete the following 2 steps:
Step #1 – Select a Common Writing Framework Strategy (you have lots of options):
  • Option 1: use the strategy that you tried last month 
  • Option 2: try out one of the strategies presented by Mike or Larry last week
  • Option 3: select one of the strategies spotted on the blog (click here
  • Option 4: develop a new strategy if none of the above work for you
Step #2 – Develop a common way to assess student writing (what ever you choose the entire team must agree to use):
  • Option 1: develop a simple rubric to check for understanding (perhaps one point for each of the points from the framework…C.E.D.A)
  • Option 2: use the same method to evaluate student work that you used last month (if your PLT agreed on one)
  • Option 3: if your course has a Regents rubric, you could use that to assess student work
  • Option 4: develop another way to evaluate student growth in this area
Timeframe – The instructional strategy and CFA need to be implemented during the next two weeks. The data from this CFA round will be analyzed at the next PLC Team meeting.
Next PLC Team Meeting: April 3rd will be the next time your PLC Team meets. On this day, all CFAs need to be give so that your team can analyze the data.
Last CFA Cycle of the Year: We will only do one more CFA cycle following this one. During the beginning of May we will use the same strategy (if it worked well) and CFA to determine whether or not the students demonstrated growth over time in their writing ability using the strategy your team implemented.
The only exceptions to this are Math (focused on Differentiation) and ELA (focused on a separate District Mandate pertaining to the implementation of the Common Core Curriculum).
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