Carousel Activities: A Collaborative Approach to Stations

This video presents an fresh and interesting take on the “stations” approach to learning. Rather than having the students move between stations, the stations move between different groups of students.  Students in each group have different tasks and are working on different aspects of the problem.  As the stations move around the room, each group builds upon (and checks) the work done by the preceding groups.  CLick on the picture below to view the video.

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One Response to Carousel Activities: A Collaborative Approach to Stations

  1. colleen meger says:

    Carousel Activities ;
    The use of stations allow students to build on each others ideas .The idea of moving stations instead of students moving creates a more on task lesson.
    Allowing students to check each others work for “on target “answers assist students who lack understanding to be on task.

    Article on Studying for a test : Use of stations.

    This provides an opportunity for student to check that they are studying the correct concepts , allows for check for definitions, understanding of material with peers. It certainly would seem a more fun way to study within a group of peers for most students. It would give the teacher a chance to see if students understand the information and if not they can spend time with those
    who need additional review and correct answers. Use of timer is important and monitoring that students are on task too.

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