High School RtI Strategies for Tier 1 (Classroom Based)

These two PPT slides from the Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk have some great thoughts on them for us as we explore the need for a more effective approach to RtI.

This first slide is a summary of the Big Ideas in developing a multi-tiered approach to helping students find success.  Specifically, you will want to check out the 4th bullet down that indicates that the broad focus at Tier 1 needs to be on “improving content area instruction, while the focus of Tier 2 needs to be on “building supports for at risk students”.


This slide lists 7 different areas for focusing the improvement process as it pertains to Tier 1 (classroom level) instruction.

We will be continuing to explore the topic of RtI and these slides will provide a great context for discussing these issues.

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