Interesting Recent Tweets on Education


Teaching Channel (@TeachingChannel) 2/18/12 1:30 PM

3 Ways to Differentiate in Your Classroom – Click Here:

 Dwight Carter (@Dwight_Carter) 3/3/12 4:41 PM
Ten Videos Every Educator Should Watch (and Reflect on)Click Here:
 21stprincipal (@21stprincipal) 3/3/12 5:47 PM
50 Things You Don’t Have To Do For Effective Classroom Management — Smart Classroom ManagementClick Here:
 Patrick Larkin (@bhsprincipal) 2/18/12 6:00 AM
Get Up & Dance: 5 Ways to Motivate Zombie Students via @GettingSmartClick Here:
 edutopia (@edutopia) 3/2/12 6:27 PM
How Do We Know When Students Are Engaged?Click Here:
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