Curriculum Maps

I would like to apologize for my lack of clarity on the Curriculum Map activity you have been working on in department meetings this month. Enough people have come to me confused, that I know the problem is with the messenger (me), and not the anyone else. Basically, a curriculum map is a single page (can be front and back) that summarizes what is taught each month throughout the year. We did these as a district several years ago, and you might still have your old one kicking around… if it aligns to what your PLT is teaching now, use it.

Your Curriculum Map Should Include:

  • Months: it should be broken down into months
  • Units of Instruction: list the units or content taught each month
  • Essential Learning Objectives: list the objectives that every student must master to be successful (some people call these enduring understandings, or performance indicators)
You Curriculum Map May Include:
  • Concepts
  • Essential questions
  • assessments
  • instructional strategies
  • skills to be focused on
  • anything else you might choose align on
Your Curriculum Map Must Be:
  • One Page – the point of this is to figure out the absolutely essential learnings. This is the tough part… getting all the content and learning objectives on one page is not easy.
  • Curriculum maps force us to prioritize
  • Curriculum maps foster alignment
  • Curriculum maps are tools to help us stay on track
  • Curriculum maps allow administration to provide relevant & constructive feedback
  • Curriculum maps ensure that every student receives equivalent access to what each team defines as essential
  • Curriculum maps allow for a systematic Response to Intervention (RtI), when students don’t master the content
If anyone doesn’t understand this process, please stop by and see me. If you feel that you can’t have it completed by February Break, please stop by and we can discuss things. You had the department meeting during exam week and you have the department meeting on February 14th to work on this.
Need a Template: Click Here

Let me know if you need any help at all. Again, I am sorry for the lack of clarity.

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