Athena Musicians Honored for Excellence

Athena High Schools Music Department had a stellar weekend! Several students participated in a music solo festival over last weekend.

Between Linda Marino and Brian King, we had 6 students prepare and play solos for adjudicators this weekend in Rush-Henrietta.  Each student had to prepare all their major scales (15), their individual solo and perform a short piece of music they had never seen before (sight reading).  The solos are ranked by difficulty with Level I being the easiest and Level VI being the hardest.  The scales and the sight reading reflect the level of difficulty of the solo as well.  The following students took extra time to prepare these solos with help from Mrs. Marino, myself and their private teachers and did extremely well.  We attended the Festival with them on Friday and Saturday.  Scores are out of a possible 100 points and are given a letter grade as well.

  • Francesca Niven(9th) – Cello, Level 5, 98, A+
  • Olivia Dorschel (9th) – clarinet, Level 5, 90, A-
  • Erika Haas (11th) – Alto Saxophone, Level 6, 97, A+
  • Nick Lucarelli (9th) – trumpet, Level 6, 99, A+
  • Frank Messina (10th) – French Horn, Level 6, 97, A+
  • Rachel Wallmann (10th) – Marimba, Level 6, 98, A+

These students are truly high achievers and represent Athena HS so well!

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