Writing Tip: Types of Details

Diane Maddock found this great resource for helping teach students the different types of evidence they can use when proving a claim.

Types of Evidence: 

  1. Facts: The most frequent type of evidence in an essay is facts. Facts include names, dates, or specific events. When writing about literature, evidence takes the form of plot summaries or specific quotations.
  2. Expert Opinions: Experts in the field about which you are writing provide supporting details and evidence for your thesis statement. The writer’s opinion may also serve as an authoritative opinion if it is supported by facts.
  3. Quotable Comments: quotable comments provide support for your argument but should not be overused. Be sure the quote emanates from an authoritative source and is not misleading.
  4. Anecdotes: Anecdotes are humorous experiences that illustrate your point. In addition to supporting your argument, anecdotes can liven up an otherwise boring academic paper.
  5. Clarifying Examples: Examples that clarify your points and support your thesis statement make great evidence.
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