Writing Strategy Guide, by Steve Peha

Writing Strategy Guide (by Steve Peha, http://www.ttms.org) – This is an incredible compendium of ideas, worksheets, graphic organizers, and information about improving our ability to teach the writing process. The chapter titles include the following:

  1. I Don’t Know What to Write About (pg 5) – ideas for getting started
  2. It’s Just a Matter of Opinion (pg 20) – proving a claim or main idea
  3. It’s All in the Details (pg 28) – what, why and how to include details
  4. A Game of Show and Tell (pg 33) – teaching how to elaborate
  5. A Sequence of Events (pg 38) –  tips for teaching how to expand on an idea
  6. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (pg 47) – supporting reticent writers
  7. Three Key Ingredients (pg 52) – writing with descriptive depth
  8. The Definition of Writing (pg 58) – “Writing is the communication of content for a purpose to an audience.” Tips on writing for content, purpose and audience.
  9. Great Beginnings (pg 74) – writing great introductions (plus a glossary of 16 great conclusion ideas)
  10. Happy Endings (pg 90) – writing great conclusions (plus a glossary of 16 great conclusion ideas)
  11. Little Things that Make a Big Difference (pg 104) – Five Big Questions, sharing, conferencing, feedback, knowing when your finished, beating writer’s block and more.
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