The 7 C’s ~ Measures of Effective Teaching

New Year’s Self Reflection: I came across this interesting framework for assessing the quality of an educator. I found it to be a great personal reflection I encourage you to take the time to evaluate how you are doing in each of these categories. These are the “Seven Cs’” from the Gates Foundation’s Measures of Effective Teaching Project and are written from the students perspective:

  • Care: My teacher in this class makes me feel that he or she really cares about me.
  • Control: Our class stays busy and doesn’t waste time.
  • Clarify: My teacher explains difficult things clearly.
  • Challenge: My teacher wants me to explain my answers – why I think what I think.
  • Captivate: My teacher makes learning enjoyable.
  • Confer: My teacher wants us to share our thoughts.
  • Consolidate: My teacher takes the time to summarize what we learn each day.
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