Quiz Kid – Local Student Creates a Great App for Studying

Yesterday I met with Ryan Schnaufer, a Junior from Brighton High School.  Ryan has made an app called “Quiz Kid” to help students study.  The app pretty cool and very easy to use.  He researched the idea, brainstormed what he wanted to develop and then found a developer online from India to help him write the code.  “Quiz Kid” is available for download in the App Store in iTunes now.

(Click here for a Tutorial video on YouTube)

Here is how Ryan describes his app. “Quiz Kid is an app for the iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, designed for students, by a student! It allows the user to create and use custom Flashcards with the ability to switch the testing to Multiple Choice, Written Answer or remain in the traditional Flashcard format. Record your own voice or use built-in TEXT-TO-SPEECH to have the question spoken when testing yourself on spelling or pronunciation. This is a perfect study tool for students of all ages, from grade school through college. The best part is, it’s only $0.99 on the App Store.”

Here are links to videos featuring Ryan and his app on local television stations:

I think we have a lot to learn from a kid like Ryan.  And I can’t help but think that we have a lot of kids like Ryan here at Athena.  They just need to be inspired by you and I to see what they are capable of accomplishing.

Check out the app… and consider sharing this great tool with your students.

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One Response to Quiz Kid – Local Student Creates a Great App for Studying

  1. Ryan Schnaufer says:

    Quiz Kid Lite has just been released! It is a free resource for unlimited customizable flashcards. Quiz Kid Lite is a similar resource to Quiz Kid, only without the option to test in Multiple Choice and Written Answer.

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