Athena High School – School Improvement Plan

The link below will take you to the finalized copy of our school improvement plan. This document went through a lot of revisions and was developed through the involvement of many people on numerous meetings of AIT (from August through October), three subcommittees comprised of nearly 20 different people and a lot of feedback from teachers, parents, support staff, administration and District Office.

This document represents the goals for Athena this year as developed by by AIT and refined through your feedback. This document will guide our focus this year and will be the lens by which we make every decision.

Click here for the complete version:

Continual Improvement Plan for Athena High School (2011-2012)

The three major goals are as follows (each goal has numerous action steps and accountability measure to help us track and assess our progress):

  1. Athena High School will increase our graduation rate to 91% for the class of 2012.
  2. Athena High School will have 100% implementation of text-dependent questions in two lessons in every class.
  3. Athena High School will improve student, staff and parent responses on the Culture and Climate Survey by 10 % in each of the following areas; affect toward Athena, connection to Athena, safety at Athena.


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