Courtyard Cleanup – The Horticulture Class

The Horticulture Class teacher, Mrs. Shutt recently shared the following post about the great work her students are doing to help make Athena great!
“The students in the horticulture class have worked hard this fall in Athena’s courtyard, to plant bushes, trim, weed, mulch and clean the pond.  The courtyard looks beautiful.  If you see any of the following students, please provide some positive feedback about all their hard work.  I know they would appreciate knowing that their work did not go unnoticed.”

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Abdullah, Mohammed
Ballard, Dylan
Cunningham, Joshua
Evans, Derrick
Fryer, Yvonne
Garcia, Paul
Gardner, Keenan
Harris, William
Harter, Nicole
Johnson, Grady
Le, Khang
Medina, Johnny
Regalado, Isabella
Rich, Brittany
Sanchez, Adrian
Schmitt, Gabrielle
Spearman, Kristy
Spitale, David
Stauber, Shelby
Steed, Doneisha
Vacca, Jordan
Vertiz, Jonovan
Warren, Zack
Williams, Carly
Thank you for your support:) and a big thank you to Carol Schneider and her students for helping with the mulching!
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