Bright Spots from the Music Department

We had 3 students get selected for the Jr. High Area All State music Festival in LeRoy taking place the first weekend in November:
Nick Lucarelli – trumpet
Francesca Niven – flute
Jamie Heinrich – voice
We also had a student selected for the Sr. High Area All State music festival taking place the 3rd weekend in November in Victor NY:
Frank Messina – French Horn
The Jr High Festival selects students in grades 7-9 and the Sr High selects students in grades 10-12.  Both of the Festivals are elite opportunities for these students to perform in an ensemble that is chosen from at least a 5-county area around Rochester.  These 4 students participated in a Solo Festival where they prepared and performed a solo piece, some technical skills as well as sight reading for an adjudicator.  They were given a ranking, and then Kathy and I submitted them for consideration for these Festivals.  These 4 students were selected to participate over hundreds of other students in the 5-county area.
(Submitted by Brian King)
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