Text-Based Strategies

I received this list of “text-based” strategies from Sue Meier, the principal at Odyssey.  I thought they were pretty useful and figured I would post them here.

1.  Replace the paragraph headings, or label paragraphs A, B, C etc.

  • Ask students to write a heading for each paragraph
  • Ask students to match the paragraph with the best heading, giving them at least 1 ½ to twice as many choices as questions.
  • Ask students to pick the heading for a paragraph given 4 choices (mc).

2.  Design multiple choice questions about the text that are rigorous.

  • Have 1 best answer, 1 or 2 good answers, and 1 wrong answer.
  • Use the word “not” in the question.

3.  Ask students for synonyms.

  • Give the students a specific word or phrase from the text and have them identify a synonym.  Could be cr or mc question.

4.  Ask why questions with the prompt “Why, according to the text, …”  or “From the evidence, what…”

5.  Remove words from the text and place a number in the blank.  Give students a word bank that includes at least 1 ½ to 2 times the number of questions.

6.  Ask questions to identify a sentence/phrase with the prompt “Which sentence/phrase describes…”

7.  Ask a compare or contrast question.

8.  Agree/Disagree statements.  Make a statement and have students find parts of the text that agree or disagree with that statement.

9.  Number each line of the text.  Ask students true/false questions in which they have to state the number of the line which contains the information that they based their answer on.  Points are awarded only if the T/F answer and the source are correct.

10.  Start questions with the word Identify.  “identify two things which, according to the text, …”  or “Identify four examples of …”

11.  Ask students to draw diagrams, charts, or visual representation from the text.

12.  Create a list of statements and students have to select the 5 of the 8 that include accurate information from the text. It’s not so much a true or false, but it goes deeper into the details of the information provided.

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