Advisement Appointments Form

Many teachers have expressed concerns about the movement of Advisement to 4th block.  Several have indicated that keeping track of where students are is tricky.  Students whereabouts at all times must be know… and yet many of our students do not want their whereabouts know.  In order to more effectively monitor student traffic during Advisement please use the following forms for attendance.  Additionally, there is a form that can be used to track which student make appointments with you if you want to track that as well.

The bottom line, is that we are required to keep track of where our students are, and the first form in the file you can download below will provide a universal way to do this. These forms will also be copied and placed in your mailbox.

Finally, do not throw completed forms away following advisement, as they will provide you with proof of how often your students took advantage of your assistance as well as a record of their whereabouts.

Advisement is going to be a lot different this year… any suggestions to help ensure a smooth transition to the new schedule are welcome.  AIT will be reviewing and monitoring the transition and you can share your concerns with anyone on AIT.

Here are the forms:

Advisement Appointment/Attendance Charts (PDF)

Advisement Appointments/Attendance Charts (MS Word)

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