AESOP – The New Substitute Call-in System

Greece Central School district has adopted a new system called AESOP for employees to call in for substitutes when they are sick or unable to attend work.  Everyone received a letter in the mail with directions and a PIN number for logging into the system.  The system allows you to log in via the internet or phone.  Here is a basic overview of how AESOP works:
Reporting Via Internet: You can interact with Aesop on the internet at  Here, you will be able to enter absences, check your absence schedule, update personal information, and excersise other features such as uploading your lesson plans for substitutes to view online. Aesop also offers you online tutorials that give you an insight to how the system works: we highly suggest you review these tutorials.
Reporting Via Phone: You can also call Aesop toll free at 1-800-942-3767.  Simply follow the voice menu to enter and manage absences and access other features.  We recommend that you call in to check the computer recording of your name and title.  To do this, press Option 4 and follow the prompts.
Deadline for Using AESOP: It is expected that teachers will call in the day before taking a day off so that a suitable substitute can be found.  If that is not possible because you become ill unexpectedly during the night you must contact AESOP prior to 6 am.
If you have any questions contact Anna Christopher in the main office.
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