New Online Evaluation Process

This fall the district will begin using a new online process called OASYS for setting up and documenting all GCSD observations and evaluations.  Here are a few points to consider that were sent out by District Office regarding this new process.

  • Only current negotiated forms will be included for all employee groups. (This system will be use for all GCSD employees).
  • Teachers on an APPR will be able to submit their final summary form in Oasys at the end of next year. I’ll send out directions in early spring.
  • The past history from the old Lotus Notes PPR database will eventually be in Oasys but it will take a good year before that occurs.
  • The only people who can see someone’s evaluation is the person’s supervisor/principal, the Assistant Superintendent, and Human Resources.
  • This system was reviewed and approved by each union president.

Please take the time to watch this video as it will summarize and explain the new process.

OASYS User Tutorial Video

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