Student Schedule Changes: Revised Process

Below you will find attached a link that will take you to a copy of the new Course Drop/Switch form.  Please take time to familiarize yourself with this document. Here are a few points of interest related to how course drops will work moving forward.

1) Necessary Changes: Changing courses is not permitted after school year begins (except in a few rare situations) These situations are as follows:

  • student schedule is incomplete
  • student schedule is missing a graduation dependent course
  • students is enrolled in a course they have already taken
  • students is enrolled in a course for which they have not taken a prerequisite
  • administrative needs such as course balancing or realignment

2) Extenuating Circumstances: All other reasons for a course change require all stakeholders to agree (student, parent, counselor, assistant principal and principal). In order to petition for a schedule change in a situation not listed above the students must complete the attached form.  This form is not encouraged or advertised and is only to be provided to a student by a counselor if a parent insists on petitioning for the change. Please do not suggest this to or share this form with students.

This form is attached here so that you are aware of the process.  Please do not suggest this procedure or share this form with your students.  We want to support students staying in the classes in which they are enrolled except in extreme situations.  Thank you!

Student Schedule Change Form

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